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CIGI conducts an active program of research, policy analysis, conferences and workshops on G20 challenges and issues, cutting across several program themes including the Global Economy, Environment and Energy and Global Security. CIGI convened its first G20 Working Group in December 2009.

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The St. Petersburg Summit: Obama’s Futile Quest for Support on Syria Overshadowed the Summit’s Economic Successes

September 10, 2013
If the G20’s leaders were looking for an issue on which to prove the G20 capable of expanding its work beyond the purely economic agenda (which they were not), they would certainly have chosen a different one than the current crisis in Syria.

The G20 at Five

September 9, 2013
While media attention was focussed on Syria, the G20 issued its most detailed communiqué in its five-year history. It includes commitments to work together on the following wide range of issues: strong, sustainable economic growth; unemployment and underemployment, particularly among young people; long-term financing for investment; international trade; cross-border tax evasion and avoidance; financial reforms and reform of financial institutions; development; corruption; energy and climate change; and fiscal sustainability. As deliverables, it contains the St. Petersburg Action Plan, designed to boost economic activity and create jobs through strong, sustainable and balanced growth; the St. Petersburg Development Outlook, intended to improve food security, financial inclusion, infrastructure, development and domestic resource mobilization; and the G20 Anti-Corruption Action Plan, focussed on combatting domestic and foreign bribery, tackling corruption in high-risk sectors, and strengthening international cooperation and transparency in the fight against corruption.

Ho Hum…On to Brisbane

September 9, 2013
Two days after the official communiqué was released, the St. Petersburg G20 Summit has virtually disappeared from media commentary. It is quickly becoming the most forgettable of the eight G20 summits held to date. If this result was due to a lack of important issues facing the global economy, this may be understandable. Sadly, this is not the case. The reality is that the G20 may be becoming forgettable as a forum to provide the global economic leadership that it was created to achieve.

A Collapsing Pile of BRICS

September 9, 2013
The outcome of the St. Petersburg G20 Summit is disappointing but not surprising. Even the logo chosen by the Russian hosts seemed, bizarrely, to evoke a collapsing pile of bricks, as well as a fissure within the G20, with the letter “G” as well as the number “2” being broken into fragments.

The Final Communiqué: Seeking a Sustainable Growth Framework

September 6, 2013
Trade highlights, honouring commitments to climate change, and implementation of a strong and sustainable growth framework -- Director of the Global Economy Program at CIGI Domenico Lombardi highlights key messaging from the final communiqué at the G20 Leaders' Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia.
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