CIGI Papers No. 10
Published: January 21, 2013
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Sustainable development in general requires extensive expenditures on environmental global public goods, but the prospects for requisite investment are diminished by aversion to risk and the tragedy of the commons. If the rules do not allow for a solution to an existential problem, we have to change the rules. Can we imagine an articulate vision, effective champions, a host organization where the principals meet repeatedly and a series of calibrated steps to provide for dramatic change? The idea of a “Green Super Fund” can be framed as a positive-sum game, with a win-win-win allocation that would garner widespread global support and ultimately be accepted by all the major players. 

About the Author

Barry Carin is a Senior Fellow at CIGI and adjunct professor at the University of Victoria, and has previously served in a number of senior positions in the Canadian Government.

Series: CIGI Papers Series

CIGI Papers present in-depth analysis and discussion on governance-related subjects. They include policy papers that present CIGI experts' positions or contributions to policy debates, and background papers that contain research findings, insights and data that contribute to the development of policy positions.