During 2011-12 and 2012-13, the Centre for International Governance Innovation’s Collaborative Research Awards offered different levels of support for boundary-spanning research activities on international governance.  One of the requirements of the CRA competition was that all projects were to be led by tenure-track faculty at either the University of Waterloo (UW) or Wilfrid Laurier University (Laurier).

CIGI does not foresee a future open call for its Collaborative Research Awards. However, CIGI will consider unsolicited applications on an ongoing basis. These will be considered only if they explicitly and clearly address one of CIGI’s principal program themes.

Successful applications over the past two calls for proposals  were required to demonstrate a strong thematic link to CIGI’s mandate and an original and innovative contribution to policy-oriented research relevant to global governance.  A project should clearly have addressed one or more of CIGI’s program areas as noted in our website. This has been a key requirement of all proposals and a significant part of the CIGI Research Advisory Committee’s (RAC) adjudication criteria.

Since the launch of the Collaborative Research Awards, initiatives that incorporated expertise from across disciplines as well as non-academic experts from business, policy or NGO communities have been encouraged.

Any new unsolicited applications are subject to a peer review process, conducted by the CIGI Research Advisory Committee (RAC), and may also now entail an external peer review process. The RAC comprises experts drawn from CIGI's network of distinguished scholars and policy practitioners, and includes representatives from CIGI, UW, Laurier and the Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA). CIGI will continue to consider proposals where interest and initiative is shown from faculty. Categories for consideration will follow, in general, the Collaborative Research Awards structure which included the following three categories.

CIGI CRA Research Project
This category has supported activities — including workshops, seminars and/or field research within larger projects — that advance policy-oriented research on issues of international governance. Funding for projects in this category has been a maximum of $30,000 in total over a period not to exceed two years.

CIGI CRA Advanced Research Seminar
This category was intended to support networking activities to develop innovative and collaborative research on issues of international governance that leads to an external funding proposal. Funding for projects in this category has been a maximum of $15,000 over 12 months, and would be directed to a minimum of eight meetings over one year, which expand academic discussion within an area of CIGI’s programs.

CIGI CRA Strategic Research Initiative
This category was intended to support larger-scale projects that advance policy-oriented research on specific issues of international governance. Funding for projects in this category has been a maximum of $450,000 in total over a period not to exceed three years.

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