Led by experienced practitioners and distinguished academics, CIGI supports research, forms networks, advances policy debate and generates ideas for multilateral governance improvements.

Structured under three international governance programs — Global Economy, Global Security & Politics and International Law — our major research projects and activities reflect today's top public policy concerns while anticipating emerging trends

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Global Security & Politics

In a world in which perceptions of and approaches to security challenges differ among states and governing bodies, CIGI’s Global Security & Politics Program focuses on a range of issues in global security and governance, conflict management and diplomacy — including cyber security, internet governance, regional security and Arctic governance.

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International Law

The International Law Research Program (ILRP) at CIGI is an integrated multidisciplinary research and teaching program that provides leading academics, government and private sector legal experts, as well as students from Canada and abroad, with the opportunity to contribute to advancements in international law.

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Global Economy

Addressing the need for sustainable and balanced economic growth, the Global Economy Program is a central area of CIGI expertise. Its importance was heightened by the global financial crisis at the end of the last decade, which gave impetus to the formation of the G20 leaders’ summits — a development that CIGI experts had advocated. The Global Economy area includes macroeconomic regulation, financial regulation and trade policy.

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