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Romanticism, Realism and Critical Idealism

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This volume traces the United Nations use of force in peace and security, from collective security-which it never really was-to intervention with responsibility to protect (RTP) as a key criterion for authorization of the use of force. It reads like a personal stocktaking of the author's decade with the United Nations, but more than that it is a closely argued and informative account of the major issues at and the systemic development of the Organization over that same period, coincidentally with Kofi Annan's tenure as UN Secretary-General.

Ramesh Thakur is prolific and his interests wide. He has written about 20 UN-related books and many academic articles, including a stream of newspaper articles and op-eds for international audiences published in, among others, the International Herald Tribune, The Hindu and The Japan Times. His final op-ed as a UN official, in The Hindu (3 March 2007), advocated the reciprocal exchange of columns by the major newspapers of the East and ...

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