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New School Aims to Breath Life into Global Affairs

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Jim Balsillie can be in described many ways: billionaire, Research in Motion CEO, Harvard graduate, innovator and hockey nut.

However, with philanthropy becoming his new diversion of choice, a new title could soon be added: the godfather of Canadian international scholarship.

Mr. Balsillie, chequebook in hand and organizational know-how in head, is leading a mission to raise the quality of international research and education in Canada.

With a trio of top-calibre institutions under his belt, and a magnetism that is drawing the best and brightest to his side, the Blackberry dynamo is changing the face of international education in Canada.

So why the big push?

"You gotta do it while you're needed and do it while you can," he says. "I can, not just because of the resources, but because I'm young, I got energy, and RIM has credibility."

Besides, he says, the need for high-quality international affairs scholarships is self-evident. ...

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