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La Nueva India ( The New India ) - book by Jorge Heine

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La Nueva India ( the New India) is the first Latin American book on the rising of India in the twenty first century in spanish language. It was launched on 4 December at Santiago, Chile.

There are lots of Latin American books on the millennial culture, tradition and philosophy of ancient India. There are many thousands of ardent followers of Sai Baba, Ravi Shankar, Brahma Kumaris and Hare Krishna. Nicholas Maduro, the Venezuelan vice president and chosen successor of Chavez is a Sai Baba devotee. It is against this background that the author has drawn the attention of the Latin Americans to look at the new entrepreneurial culture as well as the market and mindset of the New India.

The author of the book Jorge Heine, a Chilean, represents the New Latin America, which has emerged in the last three decades with a new paradigm of growth and development with a promising future. Jorge chaired the academic panel in the seminar I had organized in Buenos Aires in ...
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