Andrés Rozental traces the origins and trajectory of the G20 process and discusses the importance of outreach in the summitry process at CIGI’s Issues for 2010 Summits conference (May 2010). Andrés Rozental is on CIGI’s International Advisory Board of Governors; Member of the Board, Mexican Council on Foreign Relations; and Non-Resident Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution.

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  • Andrés Rozental was a career diplomat for more than 35 years, having served his country as Mexico’s ambassador to the United Kingdom from 1995 to 1997, as deputy foreign minister (1988–1994), as the ambassador to Sweden (1983–1988). He was the permanent representative of Mexico to the United Nations in Geneva (1982–1983), and held responsibilities within the Mexican Foreign Ministry and abroad. Andrés founded the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations and since 1994, he has held the lifetime rank of eminent ambassador of Mexico.