These papers were among those presented at a CIGI-hosted workshop on September 26-27, 2008 that brought together leading scholars of the political economy of international financial regulation to discuss the regulatory implications of the current global financial crisis. Eric Helleiner, CIGI Chair in International Governance at the University of Waterloo, organized the workshop.


S. Griffith-Jones and J. D’Arista: Agenda and Criteria for Financial Regulatory Reform

Eric Helleiner: Crisis and Response, The Story So Far: Five Regulatory Agendas in Search of an Outcome

Layna Mosley: Regulating Globally, Implementing Locally: The Future of International Financial Standards

Avinash D. Persaud: Regulation, Valuation and Systemic Liquidity

Tony Porter: Institutional Aspects of the Transnational Response to the 2007/8 Credit Crisis

David Andrew Singer: Domestic and International Regulatory Responses to the Subprime Crisis

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