From May 4-8, CIGI and Governance Village will host an e-Conference on The Future of Security Sector Reform. The goal of the e-Conference is to evaluate the evolution of the security sector reform process, with specific regard to successes, failures, challenges and future direction. This e-Conference will feature conference papers, video and audio interviews with SSR experts and practitioners, and video excerpts of a special keynote lecture and panel discussion. Visit to register.

What's an e-Conference? 

An e-Conference is a virtual event in which participants come together in cyberspace to discuss and debate key issues surrounding a specific topic. The venue for this e-Conference on The Future of Security Sector Reform will be a password protected website, accessible only to those who have registered to participate. Once registered, participants can engage each of the issues being examined on a moderated discussion board. To facilitate discussion, all participants will be provided with summaries of the ongoing discussion twice daily. Moreover, you can set up email alerts to notify you when posts are made to the discussion board.

The e-Conference will run for five days (May 4-8), with each day featuring specific topics for discussion (see Agenda). Corresponding to each topic, a range of multimedia resources will be provided and are intended to generate and steer the dialogue.

As the e-Conference is international, the discussion board will be active 24 hours a day. Participants may add their voice to the discussion at any time. Single contributions to the discussion cannot be longer than 2,000 characters (about 300 words). However, multiple posts on a specific issue are welcome. Participants may also post documents, pictures and multimedia resources if they wish. There is no minimum word contribution and comments need not be extremely polished. We are eager to encourage a free flowing, open and constructive discussion.

Please join us for the discussion and help us shape the future of the SSR concept!

You can register now at

If you have any questions please contact us at: [email protected]

The opinions expressed in this article/multimedia are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of CIGI or its Board of Directors.