Jorge Braga de Macedo explains and analyzes peer pressure by commitment at the G20.  Jorge Braga de Macedo is a member of CIGI’s International Advisory Board of Governors and is President of the Tropical Research Institute, based in Portugal. For a more in-depth look at the issues and opinions discussed in the video, please read: “Peer Pressure to Meet G20 Commitments: A Promising Innovation?” by Jorge Braga de Macedo, available here.

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  • Jorge Braga de Macedo

    CIGI Distinguished Fellow Jorge Braga de Macedo is a former minister of finance in Portugal and president of the OECD Development Centre. Having served on CIGI’s International Board of Governors, he is currently president of the Tropical Research Institute and professor and director of the Centre for Globalization and Governance at the Nova School of Business and Economics.

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