CIGI was well represented at the International Studies Association’s (ISA) annual convention, April 1-5, 2012, in San Diego. ISA is the largest academic conference in the world, with more than 5,000 scholars presenting papers and leading discussions in more than 1,000 sessions on the latest international relations research. The theme for ISA 2012 was Power, Principles and Participation in the Global Information Age.

Attending ISA 2012 on behalf of CIGI were Vice President of Programs David Dewitt, Vice President of Public Affairs Fred Kuntz, Community Relations and Events Manager Colleen Fitzpatrick and Communications Specialist Declan Kelly. CIGI had a prominent booth in the Exhibit Hall to promote recent publications, current research projects and ongoing fellowship and research awards programs.

A number of CIGI fellows, chairs and researchers as well as faculty and students of the Balsillie School of International Affairs also attended ISA on behalf of their affiliated universities. They presented the following papers and led the following discussions at various seminars and workshops throughout the conference:

  • The Foundations of US Regional Maritime Hegemony: Is a Renegotiation Possible
    James Manicom SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA)
  • Camp Cartographies: Forging Transnational and Transgressive Citizenships in Transit
    Kim Rygiel, Assistant Professor, BSIA
  • Responsibilities of Power Transitions: Emerging Powers in the Climate Change Negotiations
    Kathryn Hochstetler, CIGI Chair of Governance in the Americas, BSIA
    Manjana Milkoreit, Ph. D. candidate, BSIA
  • Too Much of a Good Thing: Canada’s Resource Capitalism
    Jennifer Clapp, CIGI Chair in Global Environmental Governance, BSIA
  • Contested Citizenship in Post-Dayton Bosnia
    Branka Marijan, Ph. D. candidate, BSIA
  • Peacebuilding from Below vs. the Liberal Peace: The Case of Haiti
    Timothy Donais, Assistant Professor BSIA
    Amy Knorr, Eastern Mennonite University
  • Rio+20 I: Rethinking International Relations Approaches to Global Environmental Politics
    Jennifer Clapp, CIGI Chair in Global Environmental Governance, BSIA
  • Learning From the Past: Cases and Predictors of Success
    David A. Welch, Director and CIGI Chair in Global Security, BSIA
    Robert Patman, Professor, University of Otago
  • This Ain’t Canada Right Now?' Privatizing Security, Securitizing Policing: The Case of the G20 in Toronto, Canada
    Veronica Kitchen, Assistant Professor, BSIA
    Kim Rygiel, Assistant Professor, BSIA
  • Reconsidering the Right to Own Property
    Rhoda Howard-Hassmann, Canada Research Chair in International Human Rights,
    Professor, BSIA

 CIGI, along with the University of Ottawa, was a co-sponsor for ISA Canada’s networking reception, at which Claire Turenne-Sjolander was honoured as ISA Canada’s Distinguished Scholar for 2012

CIGI and Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs co-hosted a networking reception for select ISA attendees. David Dewitt and David Fransen, Consul General of Canada in Los Angeles, addressed the 150 Canadian researchers in attendance, speaking on new initiatives and collaborations aimed at raising the profile and impact of Canadian research in the United States and internationally. The reception was followed by the annual CIGI-DFAIT research dinner.

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