"The Great Recession," a series published by The Waterloo Region Record featured 11op-eds written by experts from CIGI. From the effects felt locally to the far-reaching global implications, each op-ed offers a unique perspective on this economic downturn. Topics include the region's unemployment statistics, food security, deflation, international financial institutions, the future of trade, protectionism and China's emerging status as an economic superpower.

Grim economic data have cast a shadow over the local, national and global economies. The downturn has put a strain on banks, businesses, families and individuals. The impacts are widespread and the sum of the overall effects are yet to be determined. Drawing on their research expertise, the authors presented their take on this economic crisis.



Daniel Schwanen: Reasons for Optimism

Andrew F. Cooper: In Search of a Global Solution

Pierre L. Siklos: The Spectre of Deflation

Eric Helleiner: A New "Bretton Woods"

Jennifer Clapp: The Food Crisis

Manmohan Agarwal: The Hardest Hit

Bessma Momani: The Big Lender's Mistakes

John M. Curtis: Free-fall Trade

Gregory Chin: The Emerging Powers

Alan S. Alexandroff: Trading Words

John English: A Region of Change

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