Minding the Gap: African Conflict Management in a Time of Change

Minding the Gap brings together over 20 experts to examine sources of conflicts in Africa and assess African management capacity in the face of these conflicts.

Mutual Security in the Asia-Pacific: Roles for Australia, Canada and South Korea

Myriad challenges to regional stability and security that threaten East Asia’s burgeoning growth and prosperity are explored in this new book.

Elusive Pursuits: Lessons From Canada’s Interventions Abroad

This book examines Canada’s role in foreign military and security missions, and its tendency to intervene under the auspices of international institutions.

Enter the Dragon: China in the International Financial System

This new book brings together experts from both inside and outside of the People’s Republic of China to explore the internationalization of the reminbi.

On Governance: What It Is, What It Measures and Its Policy Uses

On Governance proposes a new theory premised on the belief that strengthened governance enables positive outcomes for people everywhere.

Managing Conflict in a World Adrift

Forty of the world’s leading international affairs analysts examine the relationship between political, social or economic change and the outbreak of conflict.

Governance and Innovation in Africa: South Africa after Mandela

This book presents the key alternatives facing South Africa’s political rulers during the remainder of this decade and in the decades to come.

Organized Chaos: Reimagining the Internet

The Internet has economic, political and social importance as a public good. In this new book, experts explore Internet governance challenges and strategies.

East Asia-Arctic Relations: Boundary, Security and International Politics

Now available, this book explores the historic, contemporary and future dimensions of East Asian countries’ relationships and interests in the Arctic.

Crisis and Reform: Canada and the International Financial System

The 28th edition of Canada Among Nations explores Canada and the financial crisis along with the country's role in the global financial system.
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