Call for Papers: IARIW-CIGI Conference on The Valuation of Data

Closing Date: Tuesday January 31, 2023

Call for Papers

The International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (IARIW) and the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) are collaborating on the organization of an international conference on the valuation of data to take place in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, in November 2023. The objective of the conference is to increase knowledge on all aspects of the valuation of data issue. Selected papers from the conference will be published in a supplementary issue of the IARIW’s journal, The Review of Income and Wealth.

The organizers are looking for papers by researchers from various disciplines (for example, economists, legal scholars, computer scientists, accountants, and scholars in science and technology) on a wide variety of topics related to the valuation of data.

Proposals on the following topics are welcome:

  • assessment and comparison of methodologies to value data and the development of new ones;
  • developments in the System of National Accounts to value data as an asset and their strengths and weaknesses (deflation, depreciation, quality adjustment and so forth);
  • other sources to measure the value of data and their applications (for example, tax records, labour statistics, trade, earnings reports, platform revenue-sharing agreements and so forth; conversely, implications of the value of data for trade and investment statistics, productivity measurement, income and wealth inequality);
  • data value streams, the economic and social value of data sharing, and data as a public or semi-public commons;
  • private versus social/aggregate value of data, assessing and measuring spillovers (economies of scale, scope, network effects, information asymmetries);
  • assessing the value of data via private markets (for example, data brokers, data unions, data exchanges, insurance, licensing, risk management, litigation) versus public markets (for example, open government data initiatives);
  • accounting for data assets in corporate evaluation and by markets;
  • respective importance of personal and non-personal data and the challenges of defining such boundaries (for example, anonymization);
  • digital platform business models (behavioural advertising and data value);
  • value of cross-border data flows;
  • data and complementary investments;
  • relationship between data ownership, control and market power, and value;
  • specific applications of data valuation methodologies (for example, health care, transportation and so forth);
  • developing country perspectives on the value of data and how they may differ from those of developed countries, data realms and data sovereignty, and geopolitics;
  • intellectual property law and its relationship to the value of data;
  • data governance and standards and their relationship to the value of data;
  • frameworks for responsible data sharing within and among data communities (commons, cooperatives, trusts and so forth);
  • impact of localization policies, protectionism policies and so forth on data value;
  • technological affordances and possibilities (for example, interoperability, protocols and standards, privacy, security and their implications for data use and value); and
  • role of policies to unleash the value of data (for example, competition, privacy, cybersecurity, open/public data initiatives, standard setting).

The submission deadline for proposals is January 31, 2023.

Submitting Proposals

Proposals for papers are to be submitted through the portal on the IARIW website at

More Information

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