Each autumn, CIGI hosts its premier annual event, the Conference on International Governance Innovation. Approximately 200 leading experts and policy makers from Canada and around the world gather to discuss possible solutions to the issues raised by its research.

Addressing the threat of climate change will ultimately require collective international action, coordinated at the global level. However the path to creating the necessary international framework to mobilize and govern such action remains unclear. From October 1-3, CIGI'10 will explore how action, across all levels of government and society, could be mobilized and coordinated to generate near-term progress towards realizing the core elements of the effective and equitable global framework on climate we know is needed.

CIGI '09 addressed the systemic impacts of the global economic crisis and the long-term prospects for international economic governance. It featured a keynote address by the 2008 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, Dr. Paul Krugman. The conference addressed two broad themes. First, the impact of the current global economic crisis on the ability of various governance systems to manage globalization and policy priorities will be examined. Participants also debated the shifting role of the state in economic governance, the role of policy coordination and the long-term impact of short-term policy reactions to the crisis. For conference details, visit CIGI'09.

China in the Shifting World Order was the theme of CIGI'08. While China has been an economic force since the 1970s, its recent, unprecedented growth and political power has caused the rest of the world to take notice. CIGI’08 explored China’s impact as an emerging power on the world stage. It examined how international governance structures and different regions are adjusting to this new force. The conference addressed the global ramifications of China’s dramatic growth both economically and politically, and tried to facilitate better understanding of China’s position in the world.

CIGI'07 explored issues related to energy and the role of international governance institutions in addressing environmental sustainability. CIGI'07 was held in partnership with CIGI, the University of Waterloo and the Royal Society of Canada (the country's leading assembly of academic researchers), marking the 5th, 50th, and 125th anniversaries respectively of these institutions. For more conference details, download the PDF. To listen recordings from the conference, click here.

CIGI'06 focused on an exploration of the world’s largest growth economies, fragile and weak states and LICUS (Low-Income Countries Under Stress). CIGI has taken the international lead in analyzing the implications of these economies as they relate to Global Institutional Reform. For more conference details, download the PDF.