CIGI Campus: Project Updates

Project Status

The CIGI Campus was completed in November 2011.

December 1, 2009:

  • The foundations to the north and west block are complete along with the back fill.
  • The foundations to the south block are 65% complete with backfill started.
  • The foundation work to the east block has started.
  • The foundation should be complete by the end of January 2010 weather permitting.
  • Site servicing to the inside of the property starts next week.
  • Tendering to the building structure is going out this week and will close prior to December 24th.

January 1, 2010:

  • The north, south and west block foundations are completed and all back fill has been done as well.
  • The east foundation block is still slated for completion by the end of January.
  • Tendering documents are coming in now for review.
  • Award of contract decisions will be made the end of January and early February for the main components of the building.

February 1, 2010:

  • The foundations are 85% complete and should be done in the next 2 to 3 weeks.
  • The de-watering system is now decommissioned.
  • Underground services are 80% complete.
  • Geo-thermal well drilling is scheduled to start next week.
  • The pre-cast structural steel tenders have been awarded.
  • The bell manufacturer tender has been awarded.
  • The form work & rebar tenders are in process and should be awarded this week.
  • Mechanical & electrical tendering process is complete and we are now reviewing the package.

March 1, 2010:

  • The foundations are 95% complete
  • The underground plumbing has begun
  • The formwork above ground is ready to start next week
  • The Bubbledeck fabrication begins March 15 and the Bubbledeck slabs will arrive on site mid April
  • Tenders for Mechanical, Electrical, Pre-cast, Structural Steel, Formwork, Rebar, Elevators, Glazing have all been awarded.
  • We have the full building permit from the City of Waterloo

April 1, 2010

  • Foundations are complete except for the service building
  • Work is proceeding on outside services
  • Underground plumbing  is about 60% complete
  • Underground electrical is about 10% complete
  • The above ground structure has started.
  • The Tower crane has been erected.
  • The first of the Bubbledeck will arrive the week of April 26th for the north block.
  • Except for the millwork, all of the finishing trades are now out to tender.

May 1, 2010

  • Foundations complete except for the Service Building - construction to start July  1
  • Underground plumbing 85% complete
  • Electrical underground 20% complete
  • Ground floor formwork 85% complete
  • Second floor bubble-deck for the North block has been installed
  • North block 2nd floor pour is scheduled for Wednesday, May 12
  • West block bubble-deck delivery should be here  Thursday, May 13
  • South block delivery of bubble-deck will be the week of May 17
  • The Auditorium pre-cast delivery is scheduled for the end of June
  • The Structural steel delivery is scheduled for the end of June
  • Tenders for paving, Father David Bauer Drive roadwork, and the hydro duct bank, close the end of next week
  • Tender for millwork is the only outstanding tender.

June 1, 2010

  • The North block 2nd floor has been poured
  • The West block 2nd floor has been poured
  • The South block Bubbledeck has been installed
  • The pouring of south block 2nd floor was scheduled for the week of June 9-13, 2010
  • The Bubbledeck for the 3rd floor north block was set to arrive the week of June 9-13, 2010
  • The service building is scheduled to start in late July

July 1, 2010

  • The North block 3rd floor has been poured
  • The West block 3rd floor has been poured
  • The South block Bubbledeck has been installed to the third floor
  • The Auditorium pre-cast delivery is 50% complete
  • The Structural steel assembly is underway
  • The service building is scheduled to start in mid-July

August 1, 2010


  • precast wall panels are erected and supported in place
  • precast seats welded are in place
  • roof bubbledeck is placed at all elevations

Academic Building

  • roof pours are progressing
  • structural forms are being stripped out on ground floor
  • duct work is installed where possible
  • bell tower formwork is poured up to the 3rd floor roof

Service Building

  • excavation has occurred
  • footings are placed
  • underground services are currently being placed
  • WNH improvements on Father David Bauer have commenced

September 1, 2010

Main Entrance

  • Canopy steel has been placed


  • Structural steel has been completed

Academic Building

  • Ground floor slabs have been poured on the North and West elevations
  • Glazing has occurred on the North and West elevations (ground floor)
  • Structural studs have been built on the North elevation -Roofing has commenced on the North elevation -Structural supports between floors have now been removed

October 2010


  • Curbs complete along Father David Bauer Drive.
  • Curbs to parking lot to be complete by end week of October 18th.
  • Paving to parking lot to be complete by end of October.
  • Service Building foundations and underground services complete and ready for masonry walls and roof.
  • Paving for Father David Bauer Drive scheduled for end of month.


  • Complete to North, West, and South elevations
  • Roof drains to be placed East elevation with the Auditorium and lounge areas to have green roofs.


  • Structural studs to the exterior 85% complete.
  • Masonry to commence on site on Monday, October 18th, 2010.
  • Underground work to Father David Bauer Drive complete.
  • Permanent power by end of October.
  • Underground and inside building conduits well under way.
  • Duct work 75% complete.

November 2010

Site Works

  • Construction tower crane has been dismantled and removed from the site.
  • All storm sewer lines and catch basins in the parking areas are installed.
  • Asphalt and curbs are complete for the CIGI parking area and shipping/receiving area.
  • Base course of paving and curbs on Father David Bauer Drive is complete.
  • Permanent power is scheduled for end of December.

Building Construction

  • Concrete floors at front entrance and in auditorium now in place.
  • Structural steel to Auditorium and Penthouses complete.
  • Masonry block walls in progress at the Service Building and adjacent to the Auditorium
  • Roofing complete on the west and south block and in progess on the north block.
  • Windows in progress.
  • Temporary closing-in of the building in preparation for temporary heat by Dec. 1.

December 2010


  • The roof is installed to the north, west and partial south elevations
  • Window installation is approximately 20% complete
  • The parking lot areas have all been curbed and the first coat of asphalt applied
  • Curbs and sidewalks at the Father David Bauer Drive frontage have commenced
  • All underground work along Father David Bauer Drvie is complete


  • Steel stud walls are complete on the 2nd and 3rd floors with 25% complete on the ground floor
  • The phone and gas lines are in the building and live
  • Building openings are currently being closed-in to permit temporary heat to be turned on to allow interior work to proceed over the winter months

January 2011

  • As weather permits roofing is ongoing
  • Windows are being installed to the north and south exterior walls
  • Box window installation to the courtyard area has commenced
  • Stone to the east elevation of the Auditorium has commenced
  • Brick work to the north elevation and the west/south elevations within the courtyard area is ongoing

February 2011:

  • Windows to the North and West elevations have been completed
  • Windows to the Courtyard are 60% complete
  • Window framing to the Auditorium has commenced
  • Stone walls to the exterior of the Auditorium have been completed.
  • Brick work to the North and West elevations are ongoing
  • Interior work is ongoing

April 2011:

  • All box windows are installed.
  • Masonry is complete to the north and west elevations and is proceeding on the south elevation.
  • Stone to the east Auditorium elevation is complete.
  • Frames to the front elevation (north) have been installed.
  • Closure pieces to the windows along the north elevation are complete.
  • Roofing is complete to all areas with the exception of the green roof products which will be placed once the weather permits.
  • Interior work is ongoing, with plumbing and fire protection close to completion.
  • Drywall is complete to the north elevation of the 2nd and 3rd floors.
  • Auditorium is proceeding, with stone work nearing completion.

June 2011:

  • Roofing work is on-going.
  • Glass installation to the west elevation is completed.
  • Glass to the courtyard and north stairwell is ongoing.
  • Brick work to the south eleveation has now been completed.
  • Hard tile has been placed to the ground floor north and west elevations.
  • Bathrooms are now completed.
  • Stone to the exterior walls of the Auditorium lobby area is now completed.
  • Office windows and door frames are installed to the second and third floor north elevations. Installation is proceeding on the west and south elevations.
  • Wall and ceiling panel installation in the Auditorium is proceeding.
  • Skylights have been installed at the north elevation.
  • Lighting fixture installation is ongoing.

July 2011

  • Glazing installation is nearing completion.
  • Flooring on the second floor deck at the Auditorium is ongoing.
  • Cork tile flooring has been installed to all office areas in the Balsillie School. Hard tiles are installed in the west wing ground floor and the north wing of the Auditorium area. Prep has commenced for the east wing of the Auditorium area.
  • Doors, frames and trim have been installed to the second and third floors of the Balsillie School area and are 100% complete.
  • Acoustic ceiling and walls in the Auditorium are installed.
  • Multi-function classrooms are ready to receive wall fabric panels.
  • Electrical has been roughed in to the tiered classrooms. Masonry for raised seating has been placed.
  • Structural work for the benches, walls and water features was completed in the courtyard area. Stone to the exterior of the building façade was also completed. Bench feature was installed.
  • Stone to the bell tower on the Erb St. frontage has commenced. Stone to the south side of the bell tower has also commenced. Block walls to the service building were 100% completed.

August, 2011

  • All brick work is now complete.
  • Roofing is nearing completion.
  • Stone tile work in the main floor hallways is ongoing.
  • Installation of the concrete floors to the BSIA second and third floors has commenced.
  • Stone to the fireplace walls is now installed.
  • The Douglas fir ceilings are completely installed.
  • Installation of the IPIE ceilings to the auditorium and canopy areas is ongoing.
  • In the courtyard, benches have been installed, stone walkways have been laid and trees have been planted.

September, 2011:

  • The Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA) is ready for staff/student partial occupancy as of September 6, 2011
  • The City has inspected and approved these areas for partial occupancy
  • Finishing work will be on-going in the academic building and exterior