CIGI Comments Policy

To ensure that comment sections on CIGIonline provide an open opportunity for interested readers to provide feedback, criticism and commentary, the following guidelines will be applied to their moderation and publication:

  • The comment must be written in response – either directly or thematically – to the content of the original post in order to be published
  • While constructive criticism and negative feedback are encouraged, all comments must be written in a respectful tone (i.e. no ad hominem attacks against the blog author, or other commenters)
  • Repeated attempts to publish unsuitable comments will result in the username and email address being ‘blacklisted’ (automatically marked as spam)
  • CIGI will not edit or alter comments to increase their suitability for publication. It does, however, have the right to contact commenters to request that they re-submit a comment that does conform to publication guidelines
  • The email addresses of commenters will not be used by CIGI for any other purpose than contacting the person in regards to a specific comment