Conference: "Leadership and the Global Governance Agenda"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 8:00 AM

This is the first workshop of CIGI’s Major Power Relations in Global Governance project, which provides detailed examination and policy recommendations on the role of leading economic powers in addressing critical international economic and security issues.

Today, leaders of the world’s powerful countries are simultaneously confronted with a heavy international agenda, disjuncture between some agenda items and existing intergovernmental mechanisms, as well as shifting power relations among their states. Given these challenges and pressures, Leadership and the Global Governance Agenda will seek to clarify pivotal powers’ mutual expectations and responsibilities.

This workshop will examine a wide range of topics, institutions, and regions, with particular interest in the Gx process (G8, G5, G8 + G5 and G20) and their potential as hubs of collective action. The workshop will tackle the US-China bilateral relationship and its implications for global discussions, as well as other important regional groupings. Substantively, the workshop will address pressing issues for global governance – global economic crisis, climate change, energy security, as well as traditional and non-traditional security issues.

Conducted in partnership with the Stanley Foundation and China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, this workshop will attract top analysts, with expertise on the foreign policies of major powers, important geostrategic relationships, and key thematic areas of policy, to explore these critical global governance issues.

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