When Less is More: The Past and Future of the Multi-Stakeholder Model of Internet Governance

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 7:00 PM
  • Steve Crocker

Internet pioneer Steve Crocker, the chair of the ICANN board of directors, details the evolutionary expansion of the organization's multi-stakeholder approach to the global coordination of the Domain Name System. Crocker will have just returned from ICANN's 46th public meeting in Beijing and he will speak about Chinese involvement in ICANN. He will address the Internationalization of ICANN and detail how it has matured as a model of participatory governance that is defined by diverse inclusivity. He will address the desire to keep Internet institutions and architecture lean and transparent and to emphasize technical innovation and reliability. Over the last forty-five years a modest ecosystem of organizations has evolved to provide lightweight coordination over the processes and resources that provide coherence to the Internet's growth and utility.  ICANN joined this ecosystem fifteen years ago and is continually trying to increase inclusivity, transparency, and accountability while dealing with the demands of an increasingly complex technical environment.

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