Workshop: "The G20-G8 continuum: global governance in a world of crisis"

Monday, July 6, 2009 2:30 PM EDT (UTC–04:00)

The G20-G8 continuum: global governance in a world of crisis

Rome, 6 July 2009

Co-organizers: The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI); Chatham House; Instituto Affari Internazionali (IAI); and the G8 Research Group, University of Toronto


To be held under the Chatham House Rule

14:30-14:35 Welcome and Opening Remarks

Stefano Silvestri, President, IAI

14:35-15:00 From L’Aquila to Pittsburgh and Huntsville: bridging the G8 and G20

Setting out the priorities for G8 and G20 2009-2010


Stefano Silvestri, President, IAI

Ulrich Benterbusch, Director, Heiligendamm Dialogue Process Support Unit, OECD

15:00-16:00 Panel 1: Post London Summit: Role and Expectations for the L’Aquila Summit

How can the G8 best continue and capitalize on the work of the G20 London Summit?

Moderator: Nicolas Bayne, LSE


Paola Subacchi, Chatham House

Domenico Lombardi, The Oxford Institute for Economic Policy

16:15-17:15 Panel 2: Measuring G8 Compliance

Presentation of G8 Research Group Compliance Report: how to measure performance and the danger of overpromising

Moderator: Gregory Chin, CIGI


John Kirton, Erin Fitzgerald, Allison Martell, Sarah Yun, G8 Research Group

Mark Rakhmangulov, State University-Higher School of Economics

George von Furstenberg, Indiana University, Bloomington

17:15-18:15 Panel 3: Future of Global Economic Governance

Reshaping the global financial architecture: shifting economic power, summitry, the G20 and Heiligendamm Process


Paolo Guerrieri, IAI

Andrew F. Cooper, CIGI

18:15 Closing Remarks

Paolo Guerrieri, IAI