Project Background

From 2006 to 2010, The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and The Canadian International Development Agency supported the Governance Village (GV) project — a network for development and governance professionals to share best practices and discuss the challenges facing international development. The result was a content-driven community that featured live online events, an array of content partnerships and a comprehensive digital document library.

Though Governance Village will no longer be maintained as a separate website, the content, successes and lessons learned from the project will continue to inform CIGI's ongoing online activities and partnerships.

Key Accomplishments

e-Conferencing: In 2008 and 2009, Governance Village hosted three "e-Conferences" — live online events open to the public — in which participants interacted and discussed conference materials online. To broadcast these events to a captive audience, GV partnered with other leading organizations in their respective fields, including The Parliamentary Centre for democratic development and The Organization of American States for Inter-American governance reforms. The results of these discussions were forwarded to decision and policy-makers within governments and multilateral institutions.

With each "e-Conference" attracting considerable participation from around the world, CIGI has committed to broadcasting other online events, including webcasting live events that take place at our headquarters in Waterloo, Canada.

Digital document library: Governance Village also established content-sharing agreements with leading governance and development institutions. The result was a comprehensive online document collection, all 5,000 of which are part of the CIGI document library, freely available for public use.

The Security Sector Reform Resource Centre: In May 2009, Governance Village hosted an e-Conference in partnership with the Security Sector Governance Project at CIGI. The resulting event, "The Future of Security Sector Reform," identified a gap in the policy development of the SSR concept — the need for a permanent space to access and share information.

Over the next year, staff at CIGI worked to create such a space, and in April 2010, The Security Sector Resource Centre was launched. The project will continue to monitor the security environment in places of interest to the Canadian public, including Haiti and Afghanistan.