CIGI established IGLOO (International Governance Leaders and Organizations Online) in November 2004 as an online network to facilitate and promote knowledge exchange among individuals and institutions working, studying or advising on global issues. The project was jointly funded by CIGI and the Government of Ontario. In 2008, the commercialization of the IGLOO software platform through the establishment of IGLOO Incorporated – a stand-alone company that develops, markets and sells the platform – fulfilled one of the key objectives of CIGI’s agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation.

Researchers, academics and practitioners are continuing to cooperate in online environments facilitated by CIGI using IGLOO Incorporated software. These interactive communities include  BRICSAM, a knowledge portal linked to CIGI’s research on emerging economies; Governance Village,  a joint project of the Canadian International Development Agency and CIGI; and PolicyNet, an online collaboration of policy schools under the joint auspices of CIGI and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.