“China is not surprised by Trump’s tactics. Considering Trump could prey on his closest allies like Canada and the EU, why not China…China’s tired of Trump’s game of deal-or-no-deal when it comes to trade and will respond to the tariffs calmly.”

Alex He in the Los Angeles Times

China’s growing presence and importance in the global economy, and current trade war with the United States, have drawn the attention of experts with CIGI’s Global Economy Program, who are focusing on new trade relationships and the difficulties of digital trade governance. Alex (Xingqiang) He, Yong Wang, Barry Eichengreen, Dan Ciuriak, Susan Ariel Aaronson and Hongying Wang are among the CIGI experts who have contributed analysis and commentary to the discussion.

CIGI Research Fellow Alex He’s reputation as a leading expert on Canada-China and US-China relations has grown quickly. His July 2018 paper on economic policy under Xi Jinping is the first of three on the subject. As Prime Minister Trudeau made his second trip to China, Alex commented, with CIGI Fellows Hongying Wang and Susan Ariel Aaronson, on Canada’s challenges in pushing for progressive trade with China. Alex He also wrote an op-ed for The Hill offering commentary on US-China tensions over alleged IP theft and has provided commentary for the Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg and Salon magazine.