Dr. Antonio Giustozzi is a research fellow at The Crisis States Research Centre in the London School of Economics (LSE).

He is the author of several articles and papers on Afghanistan, as well as three books: War, Politics and Society in Afghanistan, 1978–1992 (Georgetown University Press, 2000), Koran, Kalashnikov and Laptop: The Neo-Taliban Insurgency, 2002–7 (Columbia University Press, 2009) and Empires of Mud: War and Warlords in Afghanistan (Columbia University Press, 2009).

He also edited a volume on the Taliban titled Decoding the New Taliban (Columbia University Press, 2009), featuring contributions by leading specialists from different backgrounds.

He is currently researching issues of governance in Afghanistan from a wide-ranging perspective, which includes analysis of the role of the army, police, sub-national governance structures and the intelligence system.


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