Doug Saunders is the Globe and Mail’s international-affairs columnist and an award-winning author whose work focuses on cities, migration, population and policy. A native of Hamilton, Ontario, he has reported from more than 40 countries; he served for 15 years as the Globe’s London-based European Bureau Chief and as its Los Angeles Bureau Chief. He has won the National Newspaper Award, Canada’s counterpart to the Pulitzer Prize, on five occasions. He is the author of Arrival City: The Final Migration and Our Next World (2010), which visits 20 cities on five continents to examine this century’s historic shift of populations from rural to urban areas, and the factors that make immigrant integration a success or a failure; and The Myth of the Muslim Tide (2012), which explores the effects of, and responses to, the arrival of religious-minority immigrants. His books have won or have been finalists for the Donner Prize, the Lionel Gelber Prize, and the Shaughnessy Cohen Prize. In 2016 he was awarded the Schelling Prize in Architectural Theory.


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