Erica Shaw is CIGI’s director of partnerships and evaluation. She oversees strategic partnerships and is responsible for initiating and building key relationships both internationally and within Canada. Erica develops the overall direction for partnerships at CIGI to support both its program of work and funding.

She is also responsible for the development of CIGI’s evaluation and learning system to further its business plan and the strategic goals of the organization. She identifies, designs and, on occasion, conducts strategic, program and project evaluations for both accountability and learning purposes. She initiated the first performance measurement system at CIGI and regularly tracks key metrics to measure success and demonstrate impact.

Erica is accountable for the annual risk assessment process, prepares the report and presents the results to the board of directors.

Erica holds her M.A. in political science from the University of Western Ontario and an Honours B.A. completed concurrently with a Certificate in Ethics at the University of Western Ontario and Queen’s University.

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