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Braiding Legal Orders: Implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Indigenous Peoples Books
Resource Extraction and the Human Rights of Women and Girls Gender, Human Rights Event
Toward a Trade and Indigenous Peoples' Chapter in a Modernized NAFTA Indigenous Peoples, NAFTA/CUSMA CIGI Papers
The Case for Adding an Indigenous Chapter to NAFTA Indigenous Peoples, NAFTA/CUSMA Opinion
Indigenous Participation in NAFTA Renegotiations Roundtable Indigenous Peoples, NAFTA/CUSMA Event
UNDRIP Implementation: Braiding International, Domestic and Indigenous Laws Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples Special Reports
Small-but-mighty Wallonia Model for Indigenous Peoples Indigenous Peoples Opinion
Standing Rock Win Echoes Around World Indigenous Peoples Opinion
CCIL 45th Annual Conference Indigenous Peoples Event
A Protest Upon the Plain: The Stand at Standing Rock Indigenous Peoples Opinion
The Indigenous Bar Association’s 28th Annual Fall Conference Indigenous Peoples Event
Realizing Indigenous Rights in International Environmental Law Climate Change, Indigenous Peoples CIGI Papers
Reflections from South Africa as the UN Observes International Day of the World’s Indigenous People Africa, Indigenous Peoples Opinion
Building a New and Inclusive International Rule of Law for the Environment Sustainable Development Event