As CEO and co-founder of Sightline Innovation, Wallace (Wally) Trenholm is the chief architect of the company’s corporate strategy and technology platform. Wallace is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience across multiple complex science and technology integration products and has a deep technical expertise in machine learning, distributed computing and network security. As a technology visionary and serial entrepreneur, Wally has connected complex science and business with the goal of creating a leading global technology company around artificial intelligence and data trust. Wally was the lead architect behind the first data trust product to market: Sightline Innovation Datatrust, or SID. SID is a fiduciary control fabric for data, allowing data interoperability between distributed partners while preserving ownership and control. Data interoperability allows for the value of data to be unlocked without providing access to copy or harvest data, and drives evolution in complex data-driven economies and supply chains with applications in agriculture, biosecurity, health care, manufacturing and the military.

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