Walter Kälin is professor emeritus for international and (Swiss) constitutional law, University of Bern/Switzerland. He is the present Envoy of the Chair of the Platform on Disaster Displacement (since July 2017) and the former Envoy of the Nansen Initiative on disaster-induced cross-border displacement (2012–2015). He also served as Representative of the UN Secretary-General on the human rights of internally displaced persons (2004–2010); as a member of the UN Human Rights Committee (2003–2008, 2012–2014); and as Special Rapporteur of the UN Human Rights Commission on the situation of human rights in Kuwait under Iraqi occupation (1991–1992). Walter’s present research focuses on selected aspects of international human rights law, with a particular emphasis on the protection of displaced persons. His many publications include the recent book Breaking the Impasse: Reducing Protracted Internal Displacement as a Collective Outcome (2017), co-authored with Hannah Entwisle Chapuisat.


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