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CIGI’s Global Security & Politics program focuses on a range of issues in global security, conflict management, diplomacy and governance — including Arctic governance, regional security and Internet governance. The global security environment continues to change dramatically. We now live in a world in which security is clearly divisible and perceptions about security challenges differ not only among the great powers, but also from one global region to another.

Such changes are evident in ongoing debates in the Western Alliance about defining threats in different regions of the globe; in the divergent ways Canada, Russia, and the United States perceive Arctic security as melting ice opens up the Northwest Passage; in continuing debates about the humanitarian imperative as the world struggles with the greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War, the place of sovereignty, and status of Western norms that appear to legitimize interventionism; and in new areas of concern such as cyber warfare, the security of the Internet, Internet piracy, and Internet governance. 

Director: Fen Osler Hampson

Program Manager: Brenda Woods

Media contact: Erinn Steringa

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One Internet

The recommendations in our report are the result of comprehensive planning, consultations, analysis, and the belief in an open Internet for all. Learn more for yourself today and read the report.