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A Policy Mismatch: Canada and the United States in the Asia-Pacific Region

The United States and Canada have simultaneously reinvigorated their diplomatic and military postures toward the Asia-Pacific region. As two of the world’s closest allies, it is worth exploring the possible synergies and tensions between their efforts to identify areas of possible policy coordination. Canada has considerable assets that could support US diplomacy in the region, including the legacy of its good offices and its close ties with the US military; however, these assets are outweighed by several liabilities. This paper argues that, on balance, Canada may not be an ideal Pacific partner for the United States.

About the Author

James Manicom, former CIGI Research Fellow, Global Security & Politics

Series: CIGI Papers Series

CIGI Papers present in-depth analysis and discussion on governance-related subjects. They include policy papers that present CIGI experts' positions or contributions to policy debates, and background papers that contain research findings, insights and data that contribute to the development of policy positions.

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