Innovation permeates CIGI’s research, leading to new approaches and new partnerships. Through economic, legal and political lenses, CIGI focuses on understanding, and helping to shape, the policies that foster innovation, promote diffusion of knowledge and know-how, and raise productivity and security, in partnership with international organizations, the Government of Canada and others. Research on innovation and trade also focuses on the interaction between international intellectual property architecture and mega trade arrangements.

CIGI is developing best practices and strategies to increase awareness of intellectual property rights and create an integrated innovation ecosystem that enables innovators to compete effectively in the domestic and global knowledge economy. CIGI contributes research on appropriate legal frameworks to address emerging intellectual property issues.

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Michel Girard, senior fellow

Michel Girard

Senior Fellow

Michel Girard is a CIGI senior fellow. Michel’s work at CIGI relates to standards for big data and artificial intelligence (AI).

Photo of Patricia Goff

Patricia Goff

Senior Fellow

Patricia Goff is a CIGI senior fellow. She is also an associate professor of political science at Wilfrid Laurier University and the Balsillie School of International Affairs.

Richard Gold

E. Richard Gold

Senior Fellow

E. Richard Gold is a CIGI senior fellow, effective October 2016. He is also a James McGill Professor with McGill University’s Faculty of Law. 

Photo of James Hinton

James W. Hinton


James W. Hinton is a CIGI fellow. His research at CIGI focuses on intellectual property (IP) and innovation. He has worked closely with the Council of Canadian Innovators on Canada’s innovation initiatives and Canada’s national IP strategy.

Bernard Hoekman

Bernard Hoekman

Senior Fellow

Bernard M. Hoekman is a CIGI senior research fellow. Bernard is also a Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) research fellow, where he co-directs the Trade Policy Research Network.

Photo of Olena Ivus

Olena Ivus

Senior Fellow

Olena Ivus is a senior fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), focusing on the interface between Canada's domestic innovation and international trade.

Mark Kruger

Mark Kruger

Senior Fellow

Mark Kruger is a CIGI senior fellow and a Shanghai-based consultant on economic and financial issues related to China.

Photo of Patrick Leblond

Patrick Leblond

Senior Fellow

Patrick Leblond is a CIGI senior fellow. He is an expert in global economic governance and international political economy, regional economic integration, financial regulation, and business and public policy.

Photo of Anton Malkin

Anton Malkin

Research Fellow, Global Economy

Anton Malkin is a CIGI research fellow. His research focuses on China’s role in the global economy, with a focus on finance and intellectual property.