The Global Commission on Internet Governance’s One Internet report makes practical recommendations for the international community to ensure that the future of the Internet remains open, secure, trustworthy and inclusive. The recommendations continue to gain traction on cybersecurity, multi-stakeholder governance and accessibility. CIGI is also conducting work on the future of the Internet in China, and international economic law and intellectual property law related to Internet commerce.

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Beyond Access: Addressing Digital Inequality in Africa

  • Alison Gillwald
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Zero-rating in Emerging Economies

  • Helani Galpaya
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One Internet

  • Global Commission on Internet Governance



Photo of Carl Bildt

Carl Bildt

CIGI Distinguished Fellow

Carl Bildt is a CIGI distinguished fellow, effective December 2014. A renowned diplomat, he served as prime minister of Sweden from 1991 to 1994, and foreign minister from 2006 to 2014. Carl currently serves as Chair of the Global Commission on Internet Governance, a joint initiative between CIGI and Chatham House.

Photo of Laura DeNardis

Laura DeNardis

CIGI Senior Fellow

A scholar of Internet architecture and governance, Laura DeNardis joined CIGI as a senior fellow in 2013. A professor at American University and affiliated fellow at Yale Law School’s Information Society Project, her research focuses on global Internet governance.

Eileen Donahue

Eileen Donahoe

CIGI Distinguished Fellow

Eileen Donahoe is a distinguished fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation where she focuses on Internet governance, global digital policy, international human rights and cybersecurity. Previously, she served as the first US Ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Photo of Bill Graham

Bill Graham

CIGI Senior Fellow

Bill Graham is a CIGI senior fellow, effective October 2013, and is contributing to the Global Security & Politics Program’s research on Internet governance. He previously held senior positions with the Internet Society and the Governance of Canada, and in the private sector. In 2011, Bill was appointed to the ICANN Board of Directors by the Generic Names Supporting Organization.

Photo of Fen Osler Hampson

Fen Osler Hampson

CIGI Distinguished Fellow and Director of the Global Security & Politics Program

Fen Hampson is a distinguished fellow and director of the Global Security & Politics program, overseeing the research direction of the program and related activities. Previously, he served as director of the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs and will continue to serve as chancellor’s professor at Carleton University. He is the recipient of various awards and honours and is a frequent contributor to the national and international media.

Photo of Melissa Hathaway

Melissa Hathaway

CIGI Distinguished Fellow

Melissa Hathaway is a CIGI distinguished fellow, and is contributing to the Global Security & Politics Program’s research on Internet governance. Also the president of Hathaway Global Strategies LLC, she has worked as a cyber security advisor to U.S. Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Photo of Eric Jardine

Eric Jardine

CIGI Research Fellow, Global Security & Politics

Eric Jardine is a CIGI fellow and assistant professor of political science at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, in Blacksburg, Virginia. He joined CIGI as a research fellow in May 2014. In this role, he contributed to CIGI’s work on Internet governance, including the CIGI–Chatham House sponsored Global Commission on Internet Governance.

Photo of Stephanie MacLellan

Stephanie MacLellan

Research Associate

Stephanie MacLellan joined the Global Security and Politics program in July 2016, specializing in Internet governance and cybersecurity.

Photo of David Mussington

David Mussington

CIGI Senior Fellow

David Mussington is a senior fellow with CIGI’s Global Security & Politics Program, effective August 2016. David works on issues centered around cybersecurity, cyberdefense and cybercrime.


Latha Reddy

Senior Fellow

Latha Reddy is a distinguished fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation where she focuses on cyber security, internet governance, national security, and international cyber cooperation. She also sits as a Commissioner on the Global Commission for Internet Governance (GCIG).  



Innovation and The Internet

Conference on Internet Governance and Cyber-Security
  • Merit E. Janow
  • Brad Burnham
  • Konstantinos Komaitis
  • Ronaldo Lemos
  • Sharad Sanghi