CIGI-BSIA Policy Brief Series

About the series

The CIGI-BSIA Policy Brief Series presents the research findings of leading BSIA scholars, developing information and analysis, including recommendations, on policy-oriented topics that address CIGI’s four core research areas: the global economy; the environment and energy; global development; and global security.

In the Series

A free trade agreement between the United States and the European Union is finally moving closer to reality. While significant challenges remain, strong support in both markets has dramatically improved the likelihood of the deal’s success, shaking the lull created by the demise of the Doha Development Round.
Fifty years after the Cuban missile crisis, there is a deep appreciation of how close the world came to Armageddon in 1962 and this policy brief argues that this close call is the prerequisite for moving towards zero nuclear weapons. Drawing on a quarter century of research on the Cuban missile crisis, James G. Blight and janet M. Lang suggest that existing global governance mechanisms are more than capable of reaching zero nuclear weapons, if empowered to do so by the international community.