International shipping dock

International economic law is a vast field with numerous overlapping themes of international economic relations, ranging from trade and the governance of international financial institutions to private international law.

The International Law Research Program has identified three core areas that will be the focus of the program’s research efforts on international economic law: 

  • International and transnational governance and regulation of cross-border insolvency and sovereign debt;
  • Multilateral harmonization of local regulations in the global value chain, including developments in private international law and adoption of the Ruggie Principles on business and human rights; and
  • Emerging issues in international trade and investment law.

Currently, the program’s research on economic law is exploring international investment protection law and investor state arbitration as well as sovereign debt and the legal implications of cross-border effectiveness of resolution measures.

For additional details on the program’s research priorities for international economic law or to participate in the ILRP's forthcoming consultation workshops on international economic law, please contact ILRP Program Manager Scott Lewis.