CIGI aims to explore innovative solutions addressing challenges related to financing sustainable development. The multi-level governance of climate change and sustainability challenges is a main area of focus.  While nation-states are often identified as having primary responsibility for negotiating, designing, and implementing climate change policy, the diverse implications and scales of both impacts and solutions imply that this is a task best undertaken at multiple scales of governance and by a variety of actors. 

One element is the investigation of the proposals for green banking and voluntary sustainability guidelines for the banking sector. This work will review existing voluntary guidelines and codes of conduct in the banking sector and will critically analyze their content with respect to addressing important sustainability issues such as climate change, water, energy, distribution of wealth, and education. Another important focus is on innovative approaches to engage the private sector on the pressing challenges involved in financing sustainable development. There remains a growing concern that “non-financial” information, specifically environmental and climate change risks, represents a similar under-reported risk.