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Photo of Darrell Bricker

Darrell Bricker

CIGI Senior Fellow

Darrell Bricker joined CIGI as a senior fellow in January 2016. He specializes in polling, quantitative research methods and public opinion research.

Photo of Alex He

Alex He

Research Fellow, Global Economy

Xingqiang (Alex) He is a CIGI research fellow. His work focuses on China and global economic governance, the G20, domestic politics in China and their role in China's foreign economic policy making, and Canada-China economic relations.

Photo of Malcolm D. Knight

Malcolm D. Knight

Distinguished Fellow

Malcolm D. Knight is a CIGI Distinguished Fellow. He is also deputy chair of the board of directors of Payments Canada, visiting professor of finance at the London School of Economics and a director of the Global Risk Institute in Financial Services.

Photo of Patrick Leblond

Patrick Leblond

Senior Fellow

Patrick Leblond is a CIGI senior fellow. He is an expert in global economic governance and international political economy, regional economic integration, financial regulation, and business and public policy.



Jun 9

Crisis and Reform Book Launch

Publication Launch
Monday, June 9, 2014 - 11:30 AM
Residence Commons
  • Roy Culpepper
  • John M. Curtis
  • David Longworth
May 2

Leveraging Tools and Capacity for Trade Facilitation Agreement

Friday, May 2, 2014 - 11:00 AM
Parker Hall
  • Brett House
  • Duk Geun Ahn (Associate Dean and Professor at Seoul National University)
  • Brett House (CIGI Senior Fellow) Mark Pearson (Former Program Director of Trademark Southern Africa)
  • Antoni Estevadeordal (Chief of Trade Division at InterAmerican Development Bank