Welcome to CIGI’s Public Affairs Department! The department is composed of three teams: Communications, Digital Media and Publications. Each team is led by a manager who, in turn, reports to the department director. Our talented staff are excited to work with you to amplify the reach and impact of your research.

We operate much like a full-service public relations firm, offering a suite of services from media relations to web development to books. Each program is assigned a communications advisor that acts much like a client representative for the “firm,” providing a single point of contact into the services of the department. If you have a public affairs question or idea, it is best to start with the communications advisor for your program, who can then connect you directly to our in-house expertise.

A typical publication or book will involve six to eight staff in the Public Affairs Department, so it’s in our interest to have efficient coordination. In this instance, the publisher will lead the development of the publication from the signing of the contract through printing and collaborate with the communications advisor on setting the most opportunistic launch strategy.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Have a tour of the department and get to know some of our services. We’ve put together a mix of training, tips and operational information to assist your introduction to CIGI. And if you have any feedback or suggestions for these pages, please let us know.

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