The Communications team has a manager, three communications advisors and two social media engagement specialists. Each advisor is principally assigned a program, whereas the social media staff work across all departments in the organization.


Successful outreach efforts begin with identifying audiences, understanding objectives and outlining strategies and tactics in collaboration with CIGI experts and fellows during early planning stages. The first step is to reach out to a communications advisor to get the ball rolling and to ensure that other members of the Public Affairs Department get involved as necessary.

Media Relations

The Communications team works closely with program experts and external fellows to craft messages, identify opportunities and promote research and announcements to media outlets. The team also responds to media requests and connects journalists with the appropriate experts.

Media coaching and training is available to hone the interview skills of CIGI experts and fellows. Be sure to explore these resources in collaboration with your communications advisor:

Notably, CIGI experts can make use of the CIGI Campus studio to conduct radio and television interviews in a controlled environment with top-of-the-line equipment.

Social Media

CIGI actively promotes its experts and their research through social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) while seeking to engage key stakeholders and influencers. To follow your colleagues on Twitter, you can refer to these regularly updated lists. For tips and best practices, our Social Media Guide [PDF] can answer most basic questions.

Event Promotion

CIGI Communications works to highlight speaking engagements and participation in key events, whether organized by CIGI, partners or other organizations. CIGI organized and sponsored events are promoted on while other events can be highlighted on social media channels using photos and key quotes.

Outreach Publications

CIGI Communications develops a range of outreach materials to support programs and activities, from brochures to advertisements to a bi-monthly newsletter. This includes promotional content for events, program pages and experts’ bios published on

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