The overall objective of Publications is to help support programs in building CIGI’s reputation for producing policy-relevant, research-based outputs with impact on policy makers through high-quality publications that meet international research and publication standards. All CIGI publications must be approved by a program director or deputy director and undergo peer review before they are sent to the Publications team.

The Publications team consists of seven people: the publisher, who has overall responsibility for the department and its staff; a senior editor, who assists the publisher to manage the work flow in the department and edits the publications for the Global Economy Program; four publications editors, two of whom are responsible for editing the outputs of the International Law Research Program, one who edits all Global Security & Politics Program publications, and one who helps assist in editing and proofing across all programs; and a graphic designer who designs and lays out all CIGI publications, including books, as well as preparing all print ads, banners, posters and printed collateral for the organization. The Publications department also uses freelance editors and graphic designers on a regular basis. 

The CIGI Publications Manual has been prepared by the Publications department to clarify the publication and editing processes at CIGI, and to help the organization achieve a high level of quality in content and presentation, and uniformity of appearance and branding across all CIGI publications. The CIGI Editorial Style Guide sets out all the relevant guidelines for CIGI house style, including citations and references, providing a set of standards for writing CIGI publications. 

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