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Sep 17
Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is hosting the third workshop on "Discovering Greece: Politics, Economy and Society." Held in Athens, Greece, this workshop will consist of high-ranking meetings that will brief guests on the current situation of the host country. CIGI Senior Fellow Miranda Xafa will serve as a panelist on "Debt sustainability and growth," which will consider how Greek banks are performing.
Sep 17
CIGI celebrates the publication of the 2014 edition of "Canada Among Nations" with a three-city book launch tour.
Sep 23
CIGI opens the 2014-2015 Cinema Series with a screening of "We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks". In this documentary film, Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney explores the circumstances and impact of both the founding of WikiLeaks and its subsequent participation in several major disclosures of classified information in 2009-2010, including highly-publicized leaks of Iraq and Afghanistan war documents. The film also profiles the people involved in the organization, including founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange.
Sep 28
CIGI is proud to host the sixth regional conference of the Council of Councils. The CoC is composed of twenty major policy institutes from some of the world’s most influential countries. It is designed to facilitate candid, not-for-attribution dialogue and consensus building among influential opinion leaders from both established and emerging nations, with the ultimate purpose of injecting the conclusions of its deliberations into high-level foreign policy circles within members’ countries.
Sep 30
A public one-day multi-stakeholder conference in Washington D.C. to take stock of the accomplishments achieved during Canada’s Arctic Council Chairmanship as it concludes its chairmanship and prepares for the April 2015 Arctic Council Ministerial meeting.
Oct 02
China's growing influence in the world economy is raising many questions about the future of the multilateral principles and institutions that were created under US leadership at Bretton Woods. Will Chinese authorities support the Bretton Woods system, or will they seek to reform or even challenge it in significant ways? Are we already witnessing developments that lend support to any of these predictions?
Oct 08
CIGI Global Economy Program Director Domenico Lombardi will be present at the workshop New Thinking and the G20 at American University.
Nov 11
High school students are invited for a free, one day Global Youth Forum on global peace and security issues at the CIGI Campus, 67 Erb Street West, Waterloo.
Nov 20
The legal empowerment of migrants will be key in allowing their voice to be heard by the powers that be: lawyers, tribunals, courts, and national human rights institutions. At international level, there has been recently a small steps taken towards a more comprehensive global migration governance framework that would include the human rights of migrants.