Washington, D.C., and Waterloo, Ont., Canada — April 22, 2014 – The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and the United States Association of the Club of Rome Club of Rome (USA\COR) invite media to cover their invitation-only symposium on “The Future of Global Governance.”

The event will take place from noon to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, April 29, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., and will feature presentations from leading international policy experts in three central areas of global governance.

Reid Detchon, Vice President for Energy and Climate at the United Nations Foundation, will discuss the adaptation of international organizations to the new energy economy, in which natural gas and renewable energy will play a more important role than fossil fuels.

Rohinton Medhora, President of CIGI, will outline the future of international financial institutions and global economic cooperation in light of key changes in the context within which they operate, namely the rise of high but unstable levels of private capital flows between countries, a low tariff environment, and radical improvements in information and communications technologies.

Francesco Stipo, President of USA\COR, will present his proposal to improve the coordination of the United Nations System, under the direction of the Secretary General, to increase the efficiency of international institutions. He will also recommend that cooperation among international institutions be increased horizontally, among specialized agencies, and vertically, between multinational organizations (such as the UN) and regional organizations (such as the Organization of American States).

CIGI invites media to cover this invitation-only. Members of the media can register in advance by emailing Francesco Stipo, President of USA\COR, at [email protected] or Declan Kelly, CIGI communications specialist, at [email protected].

WHAT: The Future of Global Governance

WHEN: Tuesday April 29th, 2014 – 12.00 PM - 1:00 PM

WHERE: National Press Club, McLendon Room, 529 14th St N.W. 14th Floor, Washington, D.C. 20045


12:00-12:20 The Reform of the United Nations System
Dr. Francesco Stipo, President, The Club of Rome, U.S. Association

12:20-12:40 The Future of International Financial Institutions and Global Economic Cooperation
Dr. Rohinton Medhora, President, The Centre for International Governance Innovation

12:40-1:00 Global Governance and Climate Change
Reid Detchon, Vice President for Energy and Climate, United Nations Foundation

Reid Detchon is Vice President for Energy and Climate at the United Nations Foundation. He is also the executive director of the Energy Future Coalition, a broad-based non-partisan public policy initiative supported by the UN Foundation that seeks to bring about change in U.S. energy policy to address three critical challenges related to the production and use of energy: the political and economic security threat posed by the world’s dependence on oil; the risk to the global environment from climate change; and the lack of access of the world’s poor to the modern energy services they need for economic advancement.

Rohinton Medhora is President of the Centre for International Governance Innovation. Previously he was Vice President, Programs at Canada’s International Development Research Centre, a research funder. He received his doctorate in economics in 1988 from the University of Toronto, where he subsequently taught. His publications include co-edited books on development thought and practice, Canada’s relations with Africa, and Canada’s role in the international financial system.

Francesco Stipo is a lawyer, author and expert in international affairs. He has been practicing international law since 1999 and worked as a foreign law advisor and of counsel for European and American law firms. He is the author of the books World Federalist Manifesto. Guide to Political Globalization and United Nations Reorganization:The Unification of the U.N. System. Dr. Stipo is a member of the International Club of Rome, an active member of the National Press Club and the Atlantic Council of the United States in Washington D.C., and a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science.

Declan Kelly, Communications Specialist, CIGI
Tel: 519.885.2444, ext. 7256, Email: [email protected]

Francesco Stipo, President, USA\COR
Email: [email protected]

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