Waterloo Security Dialogue

The Waterloo Security Dialogue brings together technical experts, practitioners, and senior decision makers from Canada’s federal and provincial governments, Indigenous communities, municipalities and the private sector to confront pressing cybersecurity challenges, inspire innovative solutions and find new ways to collaborate for improved cyber resilience.


The Waterloo Security Dialogue (WSD) is dedicated to enhancing Canada’s cyber resilience by fostering connections between leaders and experts and encouraging collaboration across the nation. An important priority is to promote ongoing, cross-jurisdictional engagement to effectively address Canadian cybersecurity challenges in a comprehensive way. While there are commendable instances of robust partnerships across the country, these successes often exist in isolation, lack consistent distribution and are disconnected from a broader framework.

The WSD encourages a Canadian approach to cybersecurity that integrates distinctive national attributes and values, starting with the recognition that cybersecurity is inherently a collective effort. A cybersecurity “team Canada” must encompass all levels of government, regions, Indigenous communities, critical infrastructure operators, businesses, non-profit organizations and Canadian citizens themselves. The playbook for this national team must transparently outline the roles and responsibilities of each member, while setting expectations for more experienced stakeholders to provide leadership in supporting others in efforts to elevate their cybersecurity standards.

Cybersecurity is not an end goal. Rather, incremental improvements in best cybersecurity practices will fortify a more secure digital Canada — one that underwrites Canadians’ daily dependence on internet-enabled services; supports the online needs of Canadian governments, businesses, academics and innovators; helps safeguard citizens against online harms; and is a globally recognized trusted domain for digital trade and commerce.

Team Members

  • Shelly Bruce_Photo
    Shelly Bruce
    Distinguished Fellow

    Shelly Bruce is a CIGI distinguished fellow and the former chief (deputy minister) of the Communications Security Establishment.

  • shull_aaron1x1.jpg
    Aaron Shull
    Managing Director and General Counsel

    Aaron Shull is the managing director and general counsel at CIGI. He is a senior legal executive and is recognized as a leading expert on complex issues at the intersection of public policy, emerging technology, cybersecurity, privacy and data protection.

  • John Bruce Photo
    John Bruce
    Senior Fellow

    John Bruce is a CIGI senior fellow and a cybersecurity expert.

  • 1F8A0201 copy-Edit
    Kailee Hilt
    Program Manager and Research Associate

    Kailee Hilt is a program manager and research associate at CIGI. She focuses on public policy issues tied to emerging technology, privacy and cybersecurity.