Canada Among Nations 2013 Book Review

African Development Review

Lynette Gwantwa Mwaikinda
April 16, 2014

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Rohinton Medhora and Yiagadeesen Samy (eds.), Canada–Africa Relations: Looking Back, Looking Ahead, Center for International Governance Innovation, 2013, ISBN 978‐0‐9867077‐4‐2, 308 pp.

The 2013 edition of Canada among Nations 2013 sheds a refreshing new light on Canada–Africa relations in the twenty-first century by analysing ‘the ebb and flow’ (p. 2) of Canada’s involvement on the continent. This publication is timely, as is rightly stated by the authors as it comes at a time when interest in the region is high and as the continent’s importance vis‐à‐vis many nations across the world is increasingly evident. It is important to note …

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