CIGI announces new community research portal

January 28, 2005

Waterloo, ON, Canada - The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) announced today a new and innovative project called IGLOO (International Governance Leadership Organizations Online). IGLOO will connect researchers, government representatives, NGO's and the general public in an online collaborative research environment on topics of global governance.

IGLOO will be a "one of a kind" globally accessible online governance community network for the creation, sharing and dissemination of information and knowledge for the purpose of stimulating ideas and solutions to the social, economic and financial governance challenges facing the world.

"IGLOO will provide a universally accessible online community which facilitates and strengthens global connections between people, processes and information to further advance research on many topics of global importance" says Dan Latendre, CIGI's Chief Technology Officer and the program director for the IGLOO project. He adds "no longer will geography impede collaboration and the communication of great ideas".

In the upcoming months, the IGLOO team will begin forming various strategic partnerships with key government, academic and NGO organizations around the world. An initial partnership has already been formed with Waterloo-based Open Text Corporation to provide the underlying technology platform for the IGLOO community portal.

A full public launch of IGLOO is planned before the end of the calendar year. For more information on the IGLOO project, please visit

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