WATERLOO, CANADA — February 14 — Leading experts will gather this autumn at the CIGI Campus to discuss economic policies and models associated with recurring financial crises.

Pierre Siklos, Senior Fellow at The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and Director of the Viessmann European Research Centre is encouraging academics, policy makers and students to submit paper proposals by Saturday, April 30, 2011.

The event, sponsored by CIGI, the Viessmann European Research Centre at Wilfrid Laurier University, and the School of Economics and Finance, University of Tasmania, will take place October 3-4 at the new CIGI Campus in Waterloo, Ontario.

Potential paper ideas, and subsequent discussions, may include:

  • Jumps and other forms of discontinuities or breaks in asset prices.
  • Contagion versus spillovers: evaluation and policy consequences.
  • Volatility, systemic risks, and the measurement of premia.
  • Regulations that limit asset price movements: econometric and policy considerations.
  • Monetary policy and communicating the outlook to financial markets.
  • Modeling interactions among financial asset markets.
  • Financial institutions behaviour under conditions of extreme stress.

“Given the recent global financial crisis and the models which led to it, this gathering presents an opportunity to seriously look at financial paradigms and how they can be used to improve economies and promote global governance,” said Siklos. “We’re expecting a great turnout, and we welcome paper ideas on a range of topical matters, including China and the global economy.”

Conference participants to be present include:

  • Paul Jenkins, CIGI Distinguished Fellow
  • Timothy Lane,  Deputy Governor, Bank of Canada
  • Gabriel Perez-Quiroz, Economist, Bank of Spain
  • Monica Billio, Professor of Econometrics, University of Venice
  • Menzie Chinn, Professor of Public Affairs and Economics, Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Gerald Dwyer, Director of the Center for Financial Innovation and Stability, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • Marcel Fratzscher, Head of the International Policy Analysis Division, European Central Bank
  • Prasanna Gai, Professor of Economics, Crawford School (Australian National University)
  • Dong He, Executive Director (Research) , Hong Kong Monetary Authority
  • Xiaonian Xu, Professor of Economics and Finance, China Europe International Business School

To access the call for proposals and for more information on this event visit: http://www.cigionline.org/project/economics-and-econometrics-recurring-financial-market-crises or contact [email protected].

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