A component of the AICCC mandate was to initiate dialogue among stakeholders involved in climate change in Uganda. On the last day of the Congress, it is clear that this mandate has certainly been fulfilled. Patrick Mwesigye, the Senior Officer for Africa for UNEP, has indicated that he was so impressed with the Congress that he has asked his director to support adopting the model for similar events in other East African nations. The UNEP has expressed strong interest in a partnership to take this idea forward. Mr. Tom Wangara, Chief District Officer from Butaleja District in the Eastern Region commented that this Congress has “just made our jobs easier.” Mr. Wangara reflected that the Congress has initiated necessary dialogue, enabling him to return to his district and begin implementing NAPA policies in a more effective manner. Mr. Wangara is confident that the networking initiated at this Congress will enable him to work more effectively with stakeholders to improve climate change adaptation methods in his locality. “We are now in the dot com era” advised Honourable David Ebong, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Climate Change. Consequently, he encouraged district officials to ensure that their district office websites are maintained. The enthusiasm with which the audience responded to his comment demonstrated that districts seem to now be committed to utilizing their websites to track and disseminate information pertaining to their climate change policies. As the Congress comes to a close, it is evident that these 4 days have merely been the beginning of a continuing dialogue on climate change mitigation and adaptation activities throughout Uganda. This collaboration could not come at a better time, given Uganda’s role as one of ten states representing Africa at Copenhagen in December.
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