The opening session of the African Initiative on Climate Change emphasized the importance of ensuring that issues raised over the next three days are translated into practical solutions for mitigating the effects of climate change. Drs. John English and Nelson Sewankambo opened the Congress, stressing the importance of the participatory nature of the Congress. Dr. Sewankambo reminded conference delegates to address “real experiences from across Uganda” to ensure that issues raised at the conference will be translated into action at the conference’s end. Dr. English agreed, stressing that “this will be a conference that does not simply present…we are asking you to assess the needs of your country.” Though the Congress is hosted in Uganda, highlighting the global and regional implications of climate change is imperative. The overriding objective of the conference is to take the experiences and lessons learned by delegates and transfer these into plausible solutions and actions for the future. The fact that conference delegates represent a diverse range of sectors, including academia, civil society, government, and international organizations, is assurance that lessons learned at this conference can work towards providing practical solutions for dealing with the inevitable consequences of climate change.
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