The German Development Institute/ Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) has just released a new e-publication: G20 and Global Development: How can the new summit architecture promote pro-poor growth and sustainability?

Edited by Dr. Thomas Fues and Dr. Peter Wolff, 27 contributions from leading scholars in the Global Governance Research Network analyze how the G20 could become an effective force for global development.


G20 and Development: Reforms in the International Economic System

 In his contribution, CIGI Senior Visiting Fellow Manmohan Agarwal advocates for an overhaul of the IMF and a new majority rule.  He writes that the underlying philosophy of the IMF will have to be transformed for it to respond to the development needs of the global South.

“Discussions on development issues at the Korea Summit need to deal with how to transfer savings from countries with too much savings to developing countries that need to raise their investment rates, how to increase agricultural productivity and make development environmentally more sustainable.”


How to Help Rather than Hinder: The G20 in Global Development

CIGI Senior Fellow Gregory Chin asks whether or not the G20’s involvement in development will help or hinder global efforts. He inquires into whether an expansive role for the G20 in global development makes sense even if it has a "new brand" of development to offer that focuses on growth, employment, investment and private sector development and emphasizes avoiding and mitigating economic crisis.

“The G20 should therefore deal with international development in a very focused way, with a few targeted policy interventions to test the waters; even if just to test its real capacities. For example, the G20 could become a useful leaders’ platform for the traditional and rising donors to pledge to work in a more coordinated fashion in future UN-led initiatives, to strengthen the overall effectiveness of the assistance contributions.”


The full report can be downloaded here: E-Publication “G20 and Global Development: How can the new summit architecture promote pro-poor growth and sustainability?"


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Deanne Leifso is a research officer at The Centre for International Governance Innovation. She has her MA in political science from the University of Waterloo, Ontario.

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